19th c. Black Lacquer Chinese Folding Screen
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This exquisite and highly ornate 19th C. black lacquer Chinese folding screen features 6 panels, each depicting parts of a large outdoor scene of various men and women performing various tasks around a large central house. The design and all the figures are 3 dimensional, and are made up of semi-precious stones. The top of the panels have a framed floral design and the bottom of each panel depicts a series of dragons or beasts. The reverse side of the screen is dark red brown painted with gold floral and foliage spray designs and patterns.  Each panel measures 16 in- 46 cm in width, for a total width of 96 in – 244 cm. The screen measures 78 1/8 in – 98.5 cm high and a depth of ¾ in – 2 cm. It would make an opulent and stunning room divider as well as a wonderful decorator’s piece.