A late 20th Century large model scratch built ship of Wapping Von Hamburg
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Wappen Von Hamburg, a 17th century German fighting ship, was commissioned by Admiral Karpfanger, and she was then employed, very successfully as a heavily armed Convoy Escort Ship. She engaged and sank a large number of pirate ships during her short but colourful career.
On October 10th, 1683 fire broke out on board in the port of Cadiz. The magazine exploded killing Admiral Karpfanger along with 22 others and destroyed the ship. This model measures approximately 42 in 107 cm in length, 18 in 46 cm in depth and 38 in 96.5 cm in height. It is protected inside a 3 sided glass packing/ transport case, which measures 46 in 117 cm wide, 22 in 58 cm deep and 39 in 101 cm in height.